dspNode: Real-time remote audio renderingThomas Dodds
iPlug2: Desktop Plug-in Framework Meets Web Audio ModulesOliver Larkin, Alex Harker and Jari Kleimola
WAP: Ideas for a Web Audio Plug-in StandardMichel Buffa, Jerome Lebrun, Jari Kleimola, Oliver Larkin, Stéphane Letz and Guillaume Pellerin
WAAW CsoundSteven Yi, Victor Lazzarini and Edward Costello
r-audio: Declarative, reactive and flexible Web Audio graphs in ReactJakub Fiala
Participatory musical improvisations with Playsound.spaceAriane Stolfi, Alessia Milo, Miguel Ceriani and Mathieu Barthet
Collaborative Coding with Music: Two Case Studies with EarSketchAvneesh Sarwate, Takahiko Tsuchiya and Jason Freeman
Metaprogramming Strategies for AudioWorkletsCharles Roberts
DSP2JS - A C++ framework for the development of in-browser DSPsOliver Major
A Javascript Library for Flexible Visualization of Audio DescriptorsGerard Roma, Anna Xambó, Owen Green and Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
native Web Audio API pluginsJari Kleimola and Owen Campbell
Exploring Real-time Visualisations to Support Chord Learning with a Large Music CollectionJohan Pauwels, Anna Xambó, Gerard Roma, Mathieu Barthet and György Fazekas


Generative music, playful visualizations and where to find themLisa Passing
AMBIENT HTML5: Music for tiny airports in 256 bytesMathieu Henri
Auralization: Ambient aural display of real-time dataNicholas Violi
KiteAudio: Building a Web Audio Module and UI LibraryVladimir Smirnov
RetroJS: Writing and playing 8-bit songs using JSON and the Web Audio APIEduardo Shiota Yasuda
From artist to software developer and back. A celloist’s perspective on Web AudioHilke Ros
Web Audio meets the London Underground - a creative journeyBen Langham
cables—a web based visual programming language for WebGL and Web AudioTim Pulver and Thomas Kombüchen
Orchestrate Your Web!Naomi Aro
Audio features for web-based ML, and simple in-browser voice command recognitionBoris Smus
Musical Deep Neural Networks in the BrowserTero Parviainen
Timing Is Everything: Latency and PerformanceWalker Henderson
The Timing Object - A Pacemaker for the WebChristoph Guttandin


Listening Back - The Web Never ForgetsJasmine Guffond
Concert for Smartphones and OrchestraAndrey Bundin
Tender Buttons | Sound | SpaceAriane Stolfi, Alessia Milo and Mathieu Barthet
Imaginary BerlinAnna Xambó
ImprovisationCharles Roberts
No merge conflictsGerard Roma


Music software localization for cultural preservationKarim Ratib
Loop-Based Graphical Live-Coded Music in the BrowserJason Gwartz and Nicolas Gold
The sound of Bitcoin - Sound synthesis with cryptocurrency trade dataMartin Guder
Fugue Step—a multi playhead sequencerTim Pulver
SoundSling: A Multi-Platform Tool for Using Motion Data to Pan Audio Across a Mobile Device Speaker ArrayAnthony T. Marasco and Jesse Allison
DSP Filter playgroundBoris Smus
Audio Pipes: Connecting Web Audio Between Any PageJan Misker and Jacques van de Veerdonk DemoAriane Stolfi, Alessia Milo, Miguel Ceriani and Mathieu Barthet
Live Coding Drum MachineTony Wallace
Guitarists will be happy: guitar tube amp simulators and FX pedal in a virtual pedal board, and more!Michel Buffa and Jerome Lebrun
Voiceful: Web tools for voice analysis, transformation and synthesis.Oscar Mayor, Jordi Janer, Hector Parra and Álvaro Sarasúa
Utilizing NexusHUB and Docker for Distributed PerformanceJesse Allison and Tate Carson
Transmitting Data Over The Air Using the Web Audio APIJoe Todd, Adib Mehrabi and Daniel Jones
Web Wall WhispersFrancesco Cretti, Luca Morino, Marco Liuni, Stefano Gervasoni, Andrea Agostini and Antonio Servetti


Web Audio And Paper InterfacesArthur Carabott and Jack Armitage
Kom[bp]oPatrick Schmid, Kathrin Fuhrer, Johannes Schiel, Lukas Scheuerle, Sandra Kleß and Norbert Schnell
A more perfect unionTate Carson
33 Null & Automatic WritingMax Horwich
Seeing Sound - How Do You ListenEliza Struthers-Jobin


Lost In SpaceChase Mitchusson
A more perfect union: Composition with audience-controlled smartphone speaker array and evolutionary computer musicTate Carson
0+1=SOM: Bringing Computing Closer to Children Through MusicNuno Hespanhol, Óscar Rodrigues and José Alberto Gomes
SoundSling: A Multi-Platform Tool for Using Motion Data to Pan Audio Across a Mobile Device Speaker ArrayAnthony T. Marasco and Jesse Allison
WebAudio Virtual Tube Guitar Amps and Pedal Board DesignMichel Buffa and Jerome Lebrun
Combining Web Audio Streaming, Motion Capture, and Binaural Audio in a Telepresence SystemLawrence Fyfe, Olivier Gladin, Cédric Fleury and Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
pywebaudioplayer: Bridging the gap between audio processing code and attractive visualisations based on web technologyJohan Pauwels and Mark Sandler
Cena concertante alla maniera di Vivaldi: Considering the Restaurant as a Musical InterfaceBen Houge
Multi Web Audio Sequencer: Collaborative Music MakingXavier Favory and Xavier Serra
Designing Movement Driven Audio Applications Using a Web-Based Interactive Machine Learning ToolkitBenjamin Matuszewski, Joseph Larralde and Frederic Bevilacqua
Body Movement Sonification using the Web Audio APIChristian Baumann, Jan-Torsten Milde and Johanna Friederike Baarlink
A User-Adaptive Automated DJ Web App with Object-Based Audio and Crowd-Sourced Decision TreesFlorian Thalmann, Lucas Thompson and Mark B. Sandler