DSP2JS - A C++ framework for the development of in-browser DSPs

Oliver Major

We present DSP2JS, a new framework for the development of audio signal processors for web platforms using Emscripten and the WebAudio API. In particular, the goal is to abstract common functionality in a configurable layer that manages the communication between a JavaScript application and DSP code written in C or C++. The framework includes functionality for the creation, connection and management of processing units, runtime profiling, buffer management, buffer conversion and a configurable build system.

The proposed three-step development of a signal processor with DSP2JS allows for external libraries to be included, making it possible to port existing code to the framework. The generated artifacts can then be used in a web page and invoked via an interface similar to native WebAudioNodes. The optional omission of WebAudio bindings via a bare-build mode potentially opens up the core framework to further DSP applications, even outside of the audio domain.

We examine the multilayered architecture of the core framework and the build system, also discussing design and implemetation decisions.

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