Web Wall Whispers

Francesco Cretti, Luca Morino, Marco Liuni, Stefano Gervasoni, Andrea Agostini and Antonio Servetti

Web Wall Whispers (www) is an interactive sound work that heavily relies on the web audio technology to enable a virtual high-quality multimodal exploration of a monumental mural. The user's navigation through the artwork generates a unique interactive musical composition at every access, in a challenging paradigm of open form based on a virtual dialogue between the visitors and the composer.
The project is conceived as a part of the Segni per la Speranza (spls, Signs for Hope) multimodal artwork, a project aimed at the reappraisal of urban outlying areas. All the constituent materials are freely distributed under the open source GNU General Public Licence, thus allowing the build-up of extensions or new versions of this multimodal artwork paradigm.

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