Multi Web Audio Sequencer: Collaborative Music Making

Xavier Favory and Xavier Serra

Recent advancements in web-based audio systems have enabled sufficiently accurate timing control and real-time sound processing capabilities. Numerous specialized music tools, as well as digital audio workstations, are now accessible from browsers. Features such as the large accessibility of data and real-time communication between clients make the web attractive for collaborative data manipulation. However, this innovative field has yet to produce effective tools for multiple-user coordination on specialized music creation tasks. The Multi Web Audio Sequencer is a prototype of an application for segment-based sequencing of Freesound sound clips, with an emphasis on seamless remote collaboration. In this work we consider a fixed-grid step sequencer as a probe for understanding the necessary features of crowd-shared music creation sessions. This manuscript describes the sequencer and the functionalities and types of interactions required for effective and attractive collaboration of remote people during creative music creation activities.

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