0+1=SOM: Bringing Computing Closer to Children Through Music

Nuno Hespanhol, Óscar Rodrigues and José Alberto Gomes

0 + 1 = SOM is a project developed by Digitópia - Casa da Música in cooperation with Braga Media Arts. In this project we developed a series of online tools that use technology and basic mathematical and logical concepts, such as counting and understanding a loop or an if condition, to create music. These tools were later used in a series of four workshops with elementary school children as a creative activity that complements the classroom. This paper describes the process and reasoning behind the creation of the tools (explaining our choices when creating the contents), the role Web Audio played in it (particularly in the ability to schedule precise audio events), the results we have achieved so far, and the feedback we have had from students and teachers. We also discuss further applications and plans for the future.

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